GST tax rates on Disability Equipment

GST on Disability Equipment

We are presenting a list of disability equipment and GST tax rates applied on them. Know the GST tax rate on products like Braille books, wheelchair, crutches and artificial limbs etc.

banner image for underarm crutches vs. forearm crutches

Choose Best Crutches for Yourself: Underarm vs. Forearm Crutches

Today we are presenting a comparison between underarm and forearm crutches. You should select the best crutch for you based on your body balance, upper-body strength and posture.

Resistance training exercise on wheelchair

Resistance Training Exercises for Disabled People

Learn resistance training exercises that persons with disabilities can do at home. Wheelchair users can easily build muscle strength with resistance bands.

strength training exercises for disabled people

Strength Training Exercises for Disabled People

Learn strength training exercises that would be very useful for for disabled people. In this article we will tell you about benefits and myths associated with the exercises such as wheelchair pushups and doing weights with dumbbells.

wheelchair exercises, including wheelchair aerobics, are very important for all wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Aerobics: Low Impact Exercises for Disabled People

Wheelchair aerobics are exercises you can do sitting on a wheelchair. Young or elderly, everyone should do these routines. These are good for your whole body including legs, arms and torso. We are giving your details and videos on how to do these exercises.

An active wheelchair user.

Exercise is VERY Important for Persons with Disabilities

Exercising is a challenge for disabled people. But it is very important to exercise especially for those who have mobility related disability. You should learn exercises that are suitable for you. And then exercise regularly.

tactile flooring indicator to help visually impaired people

Making a House Accessible for a Visually Impaired Person

Learn what adaptations need to be made to make a house or office accessible for a visually impaired person. High contrast and tactile surfaces are the keys to this objective.

female urination device for disability management

Disability Management: First Set of Useful Products

These small and inexpensive products can help in your disability management efforts. Sometimes, small things can bring a great change in your life. All you need to do is to find what is right for you and your situation.

Stephen Hawking in 1986. Photo by Associated Press.

Wheelchair of Stephen Hawking: Interesting Facts

Today we will tell you some interesting facts about wheelchair of Stephen Hawking. We will discuss the functioning of this specially designed wheelchair that is fitted with speech-enabling software and hardware.

Income Tax, Insurance, Financial Planning, pension, loan for persons with disabilities

Income Tax Disability Benefits in India: Get Rebate on the Tax You Pay

Learn about the income tax benefits available for disabled persons in India. Persons with disabilities can get considerable deduction in tax they need to pay to the government.

Photograph of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking: Life of a Person Who Wanted to Find Universal Truth

A Brief Story of Stephen Hawking. In today’s article we are discussing disability of the famed scientists, his achievements, his views on science, religion, aliens and the time left for humans on earth.

Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi also issues disability certificates

Hospitals and Process for Applying for Disability Certificates

Learn about which hospitals in your city can make disability certificates. Also know about the process of applying for the disability certificates.

Unique Disability ID may replace disability certificate

What is Unique Disability ID (UDID) Card?

Know everything about Unique Disability I.D. (U.D.I.D.) Card. We discuss the benefits of U.D.I.D. and also the process of applying for a U.D.I.D. Card online. You should know that U.D.I.D. Card will replace your disability certificate.

Unique Disability ID may replace disability certificate

Disability Certificate: All You Need to Know

Many persons with disability do not know what is a disability certificate. Here is all the information you need about the benefits and the process of getting such a certificate. If you are a disabled person, it is recommended that you get this certificate, if you already haven’t got it.

This is a banner image showing Itzhak Perlman quote "Every person with a disability is an individual."

Disability Quotes: Inspiring Words from Persons with Disabilities

Life with disability does not need to be a dull one! A number of celebrities with disabilities have uttered some great quotable quotes about disability and life. Read on to get the worldview from new angles.

Bath chair designed by James Heath.

Unique Wheelchairs That You May Never Have Thought About

Ever wondered about how the wheelchairs looked in olden times? Let’s go through a brief history of wheelchairs like wheelbarrows, Bath chair and precursor of the modern day stair climbing wheelchairs.

banner image for disability myths and facts

Disability Stereotypes: Clichés, Myths and Facts

A list of disability related stereotypes, myths and clichés that we often encounter in daily life. Everyone should know the real facts and get rid of the social myths associated with persons with disability.

Girls with Disabilities: Beware of Emotional Exploitation

A girl with disability should be careful of people who could emotionally exploit her. Parents have to play a special role in supporting their young daughters who may be emotionally fragile due to their disability.

divyang jan : a wheelchair user at Taj Mahal in India

“Divyang Jan” Robs Me of My Right To Be a Common Person

The right to be an ordinary person is one of the most basic right that persons with disability need. But terms like Divyang Jan robs us of the status of being human. To begin with everybody is an ordinary person. Achievements may or may not come later. Irrespective of their achievements, everybody should be given respect and love.

This image shows a few blind girls learning computer. Indian government wants to call these girls divyang.

Meaning of Divyang or Divyangjan and the Problems with these Word

Indian government use the word divyang for persons with disabilities. Let’s know the meaning of divyangjan and the problems with this word.

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