Braille Translator

Braille is the world's most popular tactile writing system. Invented by Louis Braille in 1824 in France; today braille is used all over the world. World Braille Day is celebrated on 04 January every year in honor of Louis Braille (born on 04 January 1809). This script has numerous standards and the efforts are on to unify them. International braille and Unified English Braille (UEB) have been major steps towards the standardization of this script.

There are two main types of braille, namely, Grade-1 and Grade-2. Grade-1 is plain transcription of any script into braille. In contrast, Grade-2 uses contractions to save space and increase braille reading speed. Braille ASCII is the text format to store braille code.

WeCapable Braille Translation tools provide Grade-1, Grade-2 and Braille ASCII translation and are available for several languages, including: