Pope Francis and Paolo Jr. , a mentally challenged boy.

Pope Francis and a Mentally Disabled Child

Pope Francis made a statement by allowing a mentally challenged boy, who wanted his zucchetto, the white skull cap, to come on stage.

banner image for mental health and emotional health

Mental Health vs. Emotional Health: Major Differences

Learn the differences between mental health and emotional health. We explain if these two are same and if they are connected with each other.

A man sitting on bed staring at his wheelchair. Physical disability can affect mental health of a person.

Effects of Physical Disability on Mental Health

A physical disability can cause mental health issues especially if the society mistreat the person and mental healthcare is not accessible.

a blind man learning to use using white cane with the help from a women instructor.

Blind Cane: Different Types of Tips

White canes used by blind people come in various types of tip attachments. These include pencil, ball, hockey, roller, ceramic and mushroom shaped tips.

a woman sitting on a rock doing meditation on seashore.

8 Activities to Boost Your Memory, Cognition, and Creativity

Learn how to boost your memory and creativity by incorporating daily life activities like meditation, learning new skills, hobbies and more!

photograph of palanisamy sathasivam with vitiligo patches visible.

Social Stigma around Vitiligo

Learn about the social stigma attached to Vitiligo or leucoderma. We discuss its impact on the life and psychology of the individual.

Photograph of michael jackson dancing and inset photo of MJ with vitiligo condition

11 Famous People with Vitiligo Who Embody Self-Confidence

List of famous people with Vitiligo or Leukoderma. People with this skin condition include celebrities like Winnie Harlow and Michael Jackson.

banner image for world cerebral palsy day showing green ribbon

World Cerebral Palsy Day

World Cerebral Palsy Day (also known as CP Day) is observed on 06 October. Learn its history, significance, theme and relevant quotes.

disability word cloud

Difference between Disease, Syndrome, Disorder and Condition

Understand the meaning of and differences between the terms disease, syndrome, disorder and condition in medical context.

photograph of winnie harlow

Vitiligo: Types, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Vitiligo is the skin condition characterized by loss of skin color in patches. Let’s learn about types, symptoms, causes and treatment of vitiligo.

photograph of amrit hallan; the founder of credible content

Amrit Hallan: The Founder of ‘Credible Content’

Meet Amrit Hallan, the founder of Credible Content. Amrit is affected with Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair. He openly spoke with us on various issues. Here are the excerpts from our interview with Amrit.

image showing neurons with overlay of words alzheimers disease and dementia.

Forgetfulness or Alzheimer’s: Why do We Forget Things?

Is it regular forgetfulness or early signs of Alzheimer’s disease? It is important to tell general forgetfulness apart from Alzheimer’s.

image showing neurons with overlay of words alzheimers disease and dementia.

Dementia vs Alzheimer’s Disease: Major Differences

Learn the differences between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in terms of symptoms, treatment and nomenclature.

silhouette of various woman body types and a message that all bodies are beautiful and stop body shaming

Body Shaming: Meaning, Causes, Consequences and Examples

Learn the definition and meaning of Body Shaming. We also discuss the causes, consequences and examples of this hurtful practice.

Abha Khetarpal sitting in her wheelchair at a public place

Abha Khetarpal: President of Cross the Hurdles

Meet Abha Khetarpal, President of the non-profit named ‘Cross the Hurdles’ and a well-known disability rights activist from India.

accessibility feature image showing a computer keyboard

Accessibility: Definition, Meaning, Examples and Types of Barriers

Learn about what is the meaning and definition of accessibility. We explain various types of barriers that cause lack of accessibility.

The theme color of world alzheimers day is purple

World Alzheimer’s Day

Learn about the themes and objectives of the World Alzheimer’s Day. The theme color of the Alzheimer’s movement is Purple.

disability word cloud

COVID-19 Vaccination at Home for Persons with Disabilities

Evara Foundation leads the legal measures in Supreme Court for ensuring the COVID-19 Vaccination at Home for Persons with Disabilities.

thalassemia test diagnosis hemoglobin electrophoresis

International Thalassemia Day: Objectives and Themes

Learn about the objectives and themes of the International Thalassemia Day, which is annually observed on 8 May.

disability word cloud

Disability Pension Amount in Different States of India

Details of the monthly disability pension amounts given by various state governments in India. Let’s find the lowest and highest pension amounts.

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