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International Day of Sign Languages: Theme, Significance and History

Learn about the history, importance and themes of International Day of Sign Languages. We also present some relevant quotes for the day.

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Persons with Disabilities: Helpless or Heroes?

Alokita Jigisha is sharing her thoughts on society’s misplaced tendency to brand people with disabilities as either helpless or heroic.

Mental Illness: There is no health without mental health.

Mental Health Awareness: Top Quotes from Literature, Philosophers

Some of the top quotes on mental health issues said by authors and philosophers. These quotes help raising awareness and removing stigma.

esther vergeer: famous persons with disability

Top 10 Physically Disabled Athletes and Sportsperson in the World

List of world’s top physically disabled athletes and sportspersons. We list achievements, disability and their main sport of choice.

a few children with visual impairment participating in an educative activity

Problems Faced by Children with Visual Impairment

These are some of the top problems faced by Children with Visual Impairment as such blindness, low vision and other vision related issues.

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Creating Accessible Videos: Checklist for Content Creators

Learn how to make accessible videos. Here is the checklist of points that you must ensure to make your videos accessible for persons with disabilities.

handicap parking permit types

Handicap Parking Permit: Application, Types and Proper Use

Learn the use, types and application process for getting the Handicap Parking Permit. These permits come in colors like blue, red, green and yellow.

usage of wheelchair symbol

International Accessibility (Wheelchair) Symbol: Meaning and Design

Learn the meaning and about the designer of the International Symbol of Access, also known as the wheelchair symbol.

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Children with Special Needs (CWSN): Definition and Categories

Categories of CWSN (full form ‘Children with Special Needs’) include Physical, Sensory, Developmental, and Behavioral or Emotional disabilities.

someity - mascot of Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympic Games

List of Paralympic Mascots

List of Paralympics Mascots, their personality and the stories behind their creation. Someity is the mascot of Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympics.

paralympic games logo in 2020

Paralympics Logo: Meaning and History

Learn the meaning of Paralympics Logo. We also discuss the history and evolution of the logo of these games for the persons with disabilities.

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Should I Walk or Use a Wheelchair: A Huge Dilemma

Alokita Jigisha is sharing her thoughts on why using wheelchair is a better choice if you’re struggling to walks with crutches or walker.

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Importance of Pets for Children with Special Needs

Pets may prove to be very useful in more than one way for children with disabilities, especially children with sensory, social or behavioral issues.

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Optional Protocol to the CRPD

Full Text of the Optional Protocol to the Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The Optional Protocol contains 18 articles.

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Preamble of the UNCRPD: Full Text

Full text of the Preamble of the UNCRPD, United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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UNCRPD Articles: Full Text of All the 50 Articles

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) has 50 articles in total. Here is the full text of all the UNCRPD articles.

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Disability Related Abbreviations: Full Form and Meaning

Learn the full form and meaning of disability related abbreviations / acronyms like PwD, PwBD, OA, BA, OL, BL, LD, MD, ADA, RPWD etc.

guide dog and other service dogs and animals are very helpful for persons with specific disabilities

What to Do and What Not to Do Around a Service Dog

Learn what you should do and not do when around a service animals (such as guide dogs). These etiquette will help the dog in doing its job.

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Is ADHD Considered a Disability under ADA in America

Learn whether Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is considered a disability under Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

illustration of yoga for children with special needs

Top 5 Benefits of Yoga for Children with Special Needs

Learn the benefits of teaching yoga to children with special needs. Yoga helps in concentration, muscle coordination, and reducing stress etc.

special olympics insensitive memes

Special Olympics: Insensitive Memes on the Internet

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of insensitive memes targeting Special Olympics, the competition, the participants and even the founder!

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