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It’s Okay to be Forgetful

a vector image showing a group of happy persons with disabilities
Shivani Choudhary
Shivani Choudhary | July 2, 2023 (Last update: July 2, 2023)

Shivani Choudhary, banker, affected by scoliosis, is enjoying her wabi-sabi in the world of perfection.

It’s okay to forget unnecessary details, facts that do not matter. Forgetting things make us smarter, more organized & better equipped to work on important things. So why can’t we forget about our disabilities and make the best use of this gift called life?

People may say that it is the denial. But actually, it is the wholehearted acceptance of the truth. Yes, disability will be with us for all our lives, but it is not the axis around which our life rotates. It may be part of our life, but our lives are not all about it.

Why are we trying to show that we can do this or that? For whom we are doing so? For What? Appreciation, respect, validation etc.? All these come from within. Why can’t we do things just for the pure bliss of doing so? Why the comparison? It’s not a sin to relax & appreciate what we have. So take a deep breath, stop pitying yourself and forget that you have a “disability“.

Being born in a society obsessed with judging, we are told time & again how things will be worse in future. How things will be difficult. Society tells us to not be so happy about ourselves. It would be a lie if we say that we do not get scared but that fear should be momentary. Be prepared for the worst & you will discover the best.

Acceptance of our truth helps us to clear our vision. We identify our strengths & weaknesses, work accordingly upon them & can live the life we want. If we are not accepting ourselves then why anyone else will? I remember promising myself as a young kid that I will accept whatever life will throw at me & will try to make it better. We should never stop working on improving ourselves. We should work to be a better version of ourselves every day. Just keep moving no matter how small the steps taken are. This acceptance & zeal for betterment can help us to be contented.

Society has asked me several questions or has forced me to think about those questions. Even today I haven’t found the answer to questions like ‘Why me?’ or ‘Did I deserve it?’ but I have found the answer to the question ‘How’s life?’. It is beautiful indeed.

If one thinks about the attitude of society towards us, she may feel like there is a glass wall between us & society. As if we are accepting some unsaid conditions. It seems to me like they are saying that you can look at their beautiful world but cannot have it. And if we want it then we have to continuously hit the wall & break it. But will it ever break? We don’t know. No one knows. Whether we want it to break or not, judgement will be passed by society continuously. This should be ignored and forgotten. Our focus should not be on what other people have but only on what we want which is living a happy life. Why there is a need to be in a never-ending race? Why can’t we just play as if this life is some amusement park? Why can’t we enjoy every ride we can get? Why can’t we wish to live an ordinary life?

Here I am not saying that we all should have this carefree attitude. Being carefree is not the most suitable way of life, but it is also true that everyone has the right to be the Captain of their Ship. Extraordinary feats are achieved by ordinary people when they speak out and act decisively.

Gandhiji said that a man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. So, it’s up to you what you want to be: A disabled person or a person with disability.

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6 responses to “It’s Okay to be Forgetful”

  1. Avatar Anjana says:

    Truly said, being happy is not a sin! Let’s enjoy the gift called life!

  2. Avatar Suraj singh bisht says:

    Your are Beautiful person having positive attitude and being a friend with you is pure bliss.
    Knowing you personally haven’t seen you giving up, you tried more than us always gave your best and results says it all.
    Keep this attitude , stay blessed stay happy and keep making us proud.

  3. Avatar Sahil says:

    Very well written!

  4. Avatar Shubham Anand says:

    What the writer has explained in this article has left my mind completely astonished

    She had amazingly explained the essence of life in a short yet in a beautiful manner

    Although each line of the article taught us many things, but these key learnings are what I think everyone would like:

    1. Life is a beautiful and a precious gift
    2. Everyone is special
    3. Appreciation, respect, validation etc are materialistic things of life, we must not waste our precious time on irrelevant things and thoughts
    4. Acceptance of our truth helps us to clear our vision
    5. A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.
    6. Extraordinary feats are achieved by ordinary people when they speak out and act decisively.

    I request the website/blog owner to contact the writer of this article and request more such articles from her. As her article has the perfect balance of motivation and truthfulness which I think everyone would like to read more.

  5. Avatar Vipin says:

    Wonderful thought ..

  6. Avatar Shalu Panwar says:

    You are eloquent.

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