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banner image for world cerebral palsy day showing green ribbon

World Cerebral Palsy Day

World Cerebral Palsy Day (also known as CP Day) is observed on 06 October. Learn its history, significance, theme and relevant quotes.

The theme color of world alzheimers day is purple

World Alzheimer’s Day

Learn about the themes and objectives of the World Alzheimer’s Day. The theme color of the Alzheimer’s movement is Purple.

thalassemia test diagnosis hemoglobin electrophoresis

International Thalassemia Day: Objectives and Themes

Learn about the objectives and themes of the International Thalassemia Day, which is annually observed on 8 May.

banner image for international day of sign languages

International Day of Sign Languages: Theme, Significance and History

Learn about the history, importance and themes of International Day of Sign Languages. We also present some relevant quotes for the day.

world zoonoses day

World Zoonoses Day: Significance, History and Themes

World Zoonoses Day is observed on 06 July every year. The day celebrates the works of the French biologist, Louis Pasteur. Learn what is a zoonotic disease and how to prevent them.

people taking walk in greens on world sauntering day

World Sauntering Day: History, Quotes and Significance

Learn about the World Sauntering Day and importance of slowing down in life. We discuss history, significance and relevant quotes for the day.

world sickle cell awareness day

World Sickle Cell Awareness Day

Learn about the World Sickle Cell Awareness Day which is observed on 19 June every year. We discuss causes, genetics and symptoms of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD).

international day for yoga

International Day of Yoga: History, Importance, Themes and Quotes

Learn the theme, importance and history of the International Day for Yoga celebrated on 21 June annually. We also present the relevant quotes.

world blood donor day

World Blood Donor Day: History, Importance and Quotes

Learn about the importance and history of celebrating the World Blood Donor Day on 14 June. We also share relevant quotes on blood donation.

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Learn about the importance, themes and need of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking observed on 26 June annually.

Disability and Health Calendar: Important Dates and Days

List of disability and health related awareness campaigns. Get the important dates and days in the annual calendar of disability and health.

World Brain Tumor Day: Risk Factors and Symptoms of Brain Tumor

World Brain Tumor Day is observed on 08 June every year. Learn about causes, risk factors and symptoms associated with Brain Tumor.

world no-tobacco day

World No-Tobacco Day: Theme, Quotes, Objectives and History

World is facing tobacco epidemic as we observe the World No-Tobacco Day on 31 May. Let’s learn the theme, objectives and history of this day.

world red cross crescent day

World Red Cross Day: Themes, History, Importance, Slogans

World Red Cross Day is celebrated on 08 May every. Learn about the history, themes, importance of this this. We also present some relevant slogans for the Red Cross Day.

banner image for "world aids vaccine day"

World AIDS Vaccine Day (18 May): History, Importance, Theme, Quotes

World AIDS Vaccine Day is observed on 18 May annually around the globe. We discuss its history, importance, theme and also relevant quotes.

world hypertension day

World Hypertension Day: Theme, Importance, History, Objectives

World Hypertension Day is observed on 17 May. Learn about its theme and the objective of raising awareness for managing blood pressure.

world asthma day

World Asthma Day: Theme, Objectives, History, Importance

World Asthma Day is celebrated annually on the first Tuesday of the month of May. Learn about its theme, objectives, history, importance and campaigns build around it.

disability word cloud

World Health Day: Theme, Objectives, History, Importance

World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April annually. Learn about its theme, objectives, history and importance.

world autism awareness day banner

World Autism Awareness Day: Theme, Objectives and Quotes

Learn about the theme and objectives of World Autism Awareness Day observed on 02 April every year. We also present relevant quotes on Autism.

menstrual hygiene day

Menstrual Hygiene Day: Theme, History, Quotes and Messages

Learn why Menstrual Hygiene Day is observed on 28 May. We discuss its history, importance and relevant quotes and messages as well.

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