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Superheroes with Disabilities

Superhero Dr. Strange has a disability. He lost the ability to use his hands.
Samyak Lalit
Samyak Lalit | January 11, 2023 (Last update: January 11, 2023)

Samyak Lalit is an author and disability rights activist. He is a polio survivor and the founder of projects like Kavita Kosh, Gadya Kosh, TechWelkin, WeCapable, Dashamlav and Viklangta Dot Com. Website:

When we think of superheroes, we think of abilities; ‘super’ abilities that are beyond average human capacities. Sure the ‘super’ abilities are what make them superheroes in the first place. But, has it ever occurred to you that the presence of abilities or super abilities does not mean a lack of disabilities? Well, even superheroes have disabilities! A person or a superhero, for that matter, may have some extraordinary abilities despite having some disabilities. Here, we have compiled a list of superheroes (males as well as females) who have some kind of disability.

Dr. Niles Caulder (Chief)

Dr. Niles Caulder aka Chief is a Superhero from an American Comic Book published by DC Comics. It has also been adapted into a TV series. Dr. Niles Caulder is a paraplegic with a very high intellect. He is an inventor of various innovative technologies. Dr. Niles Caulder is a person who does not judge people by their outer appearance but instead accepts them for what they are. He heads the team called Doom Patrol consisting of Superheroes who would otherwise be seen as an outcast in society. These Superheroes together fight against crime.

Superhero Dr. Niles Caulder aka Chief has a disability. He uses a wheelchair.


Echo is an important female character in the Marvel comic series that is soon going to be released as an American TV series. Echo is profoundly deaf and one of the most gifted characters in Marvel. She is an Olympic-level athlete, an incredible martial artist, a skilled acrobat with photographic reflexes, and an incredibly proficient ballerina. She is one of the most terrifying opponents that supervillains of the Marvel have to encounter. She has brought Daredevil to his knees.

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Superhero Echo has a disability. She is deaf.


Jericho is again a character from the Marvel series by DC comics. The character is the son of the deadly assassin Deathstroke but he is very different from his father in his ideals. Jericho was kidnapped as a young child by one of the terrorists Jackal. His father was able to get him free but only after one of the followers of Jackal slit Jericho’s throat rendering him mute. This mute character Jericho has the superhuman ability to take anyone in his control just by looking at them directly in the eyes. He not only takes control of the person but also accesses all their memories and powers.

Superhero Jericho has a disability. He is mute.

Professor X

Professor X is a character from Marvel Comics. The character is the leader and founder of X-Men, a team of Superheroes. He belongs to a subspecies of humans known as the mutants. Being a paraplegic, this character uses a wheelchair for mobility and is an exceptionally powerful telepath who not only can read but also can control the minds of others. He is a Superhero who promotes peaceful coexistence.

Superhero Professor X has a disability. He uses a wheelchair.


Hawkeye is a Marvel comic series superhero who is deaf and relies on lip-reading. He is one of the most important Avengers of the last 15 years. The character first appeared as a supervillain and later joined the team of the Avengers. He has no superhuman powers but is at the peak of human conditioning. He has trained to be an exceptional fencer, acrobat, and marksman since childhood. He has also been trained by Captain America in tactics, martial arts, and hand-to-hand combat. He excels in using ranged weapons and is equipped with many trick arrows. Moreover, he can turn literally any object viz. coin, debris, tin plate, etc. into an effective weapon.

Superhero Hawkeye has a disability. He is deaf.


Daredevil is a superhero who fights against injustice by day as a lawyer and by night as a Superhero. He is on this list due to his blindness. The story behind his blindness shows that he was a Superhero even before he consciously became one. In his teenage, he pushed away a civilian to save him from getting into an accident with an oncoming truck. The truck was loaded with highly toxic chemicals and spilled some chemicals while trying to suddenly change direction for avoiding an accident. This spilled-over chemical rendered Daredevil blind. Despite losing his vision the teenage boy trained hard to become one of the best fighters of Marvel.

Superhero Daredevil has a disability. He is blind.


Barbara Gordon appeared as a female counterpart of the Batman who was shot by Joker in her spinal cord in her civilian identity. This accident rendered her paraplegic due to spinal cord injury. It took her time to rise back but when she came back as Oracle, a paraplegic superhero she left everyone speechless. Oracle used her intellect to help other Superheroes by providing her Intel wherever necessary and helping them achieve their mission. Barbara, as Oracle proved that one can rise again after falling in devastating situations.

Superhero Oracle has a disability. She is paraplegic and uses a wheelchair.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Stephen Strange is again a very popular character from DC Comics, Marvel Series. He was one of the world’s most famous neurosurgeons before getting into an accident. In an accident, Dr. Strange loses his ability to use his hands. In his quest to search for a cure he journey to the Himalayas where he not only learns to live with his disability but also becomes a great sorcerer. The storyline shows a great transformation in his personality. Earlier an egoist person, he transforms into a heroic person who truly and selflessly cares about his fellow man.

Superhero Dr. Strange has a disability. He lost the ability to use his hands.

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