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Cancer Awareness Ribbons

image showing a pink awareness ribbon
Samyak Lalit
Samyak Lalit | February 25, 2022 (Last update: February 26, 2022)

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Awareness Ribbons are not just a small loop of ribbon but an effort to make our world a better place to live. People wear these ribbons to spread awareness about certain diseases or conditions. The first help you can do to the survivors of a certain condition is being aware and spreading awareness about their condition.

In this article, we are providing a list of awareness ribbons related to various kinds of cancers and a few details of those specific types of cancer. Before we proceed to specific kinds of cancer awareness ribbons, let us tell you that a lavender (light purple) colored ribbon signifies all kinds of cancers.

List of Cancer Awareness Ribbons
Type of CancerColor of Awareness RibbonDetails
Head and Neck Cancer

White and Burgundy

Head and Neck Cancer include various cancers, including –

  • Mouth (Oral)
  • Throat
  • Larynx
  • Pharynx
  • Nasal Cavity
  • Sinuses
  • Salivary Gland
Multiple Myeloma (Cancer of Plasma cells)

burgundy awareness ribbon


Multiple Myeloma or Myeloma is a rare kind of blood cancer related to the abnormal growth of Plasma cells.
Leukemia (Blood Cancer)

orange awareness ribbon


Leukemia is a form of blood cancer that typically starts from bone marrow.
Kidney Cancer

orange awareness ribbon


Breast Cancer

pink awareness ribbon


Breast Cancer (Inflammatory)

Hot Pink

Breast Cancer (Hereditary)

Teal and Pink

Gynecologic Cancers

Teal and Pink

Uterine or endometrial cancer


This cancer mostly affects women after their menopause.
Appendix Cancer


Childhood Cancer


Childhood cancer includes all types of cancer that occur during childhood.
Sarcoma (Bone Cancer)

Yellow awareness ribbon


Sarcoma is one of the kinds of bone cancer that can affect bone as well as connective tissues like cartilage.
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

lime awareness ribbon

Lime Green

It is the cancer of the lymphatic system. It is often grouped with Leukemia because they both affect blood.
Liver Cancer


Emerald Green

Liver cancer is one of the common forms of cancer. Women are twice as likely to get this.
Ovarian Cancer

Teal awareness ribbon


  • Ovarian cancer is the 5th leading cause of cancer death in women.
  • Though September is the awareness month for Ovarian Cancer, May 8th is observed as World Ovarian Cancer Day.
Cervical Cancer

White and Teal

Prostate Cancer

light blue awareness ribbon

Light Blue

Colon Cancer

blue awareness ribbon

Dark Blue

March is Colorectal Awareness Month i.e. the month for the awareness of cancer of the colon and cancer of the rectum. They both are grouped together because most of the symptoms in these are similar.
Stomach Cancer / Gastric Cancer

periwinkle awareness ribbon

Periwinkle Blue

Stomach-related cancers are the third leading cause of cancer death globally.
Testicular Cancer

Light Purple

Testicular Cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting males between 15 and 44 years of age.
Pancreatic Cancer

purple awareness ribbon


Hodgkin lymphoma


  • It is the kind of cancer that starts in lymph nodes.
  • It is one of the most curable forms of cancer.
Skin Cancer

black awareness ribbon


There are various kinds of skin cancers, Melanoma is the deadliest one.
Carcinoid cancer

Zebra awareness ribbon

Zebra Print

  • Carcinoid Cancer is a lesser-known form of cancer that may begin in the small intestine, bronchial system, and lungs.
  • It grows very slowly with very low or no symptoms for very long but can be life-threatening.
Brain Cancer


Lung Cancer

White or Pearl

Lung cancer is by far the most common cause of cancer deaths.
Bladder Cancer

Blue, Yellow, Purple

Thyroid Cancer

Blue, Pink, and Teal

Endometrial Cancer


  • It is the most common type of Uterine Cancer.
  • It typically starts after menopause.

Apart from raising awareness about cancer and supporting the cancer survivors, the ribbon is also used to show respect towards caregivers of cancer patients. Purple or Plum colored ribbon is used for showing respect to cancer caregivers.

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