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Depression: Tips on How to Deal with Your Depressed State of Mind

a girl sitting in darkness of depression.
Samyak Lalit
Samyak Lalit | January 5, 2021 (Last update: June 13, 2021)

Samyak Lalit is an author and disability rights activist. He is a polio survivor and the founder of projects like Kavita Kosh, Gadya Kosh, TechWelkin, WeCapable, Dashamlav and Viklangta Dot Com. Website:

If you are here, chances are high that you are currently feeling depressed or there are lots of times when you feel so. But, before we proceed let us make it clear that there’s a huge difference between being sad and being depressed. If you are not medically diagnosed with depression you should first learn about the difference between the two. Our previous article about stress management might also be helpful to you.

Now, let us proceed with the tips for managing your life while living with depression. There are days when people feel more depressed even after taking their medications. The medicines seem to have no impact on the mental state. The body feels fatigued even after having a proper diet and sleep. It feels that all the energies and happiness have been sucked out of life. Depression seems to be winning over all the positivity of life. In fact, chronic depression is a mental illness and considered as an invisible disability. Here are a few tips to help you deal with those depressing days.

Tips for Dealing with Depression

1. Make your bed

Of course, you want to just sleep on your bed and stay in your own darkness. But remember, it’s not you but your depression that wants to keep you on your bed and play with your thoughts. So, you need to gather all your energies, get up, arrange your bed and go out of your bedroom. And, don’t go back to bed unless it’s time to sleep. Stay out of bed.

2. Do something

Cook a new dish, make a painting, go to the gym, visit a mall or watch a movie with friends. Do anything you like but don’t sit idle. Chances are you won’t enjoy even your favorite activity but still, you need to keep your mind distracted from the negative thoughts going on in your mind. Sitting idle on these days will be like helping the depression to make you feel miserable about your life. And, you want to fight depression rather than help it.

a girl sitting in darkness of depression.

3. Listen to some party songs

Your mind will tell you that you’ll enjoy sad songs. Don’t fall into the trap. Create a playlist of happy and mood-elevating songs and listen to them. Music has therapeutic powers that will certainly help you to feel a little better. Try some dance moves too, if you can. Once you feel the magic of happy songs, you’ll always prefer it as the first tool against a bad mood.

4. Talk to someone in real

These days when you get the advice that you should talk to someone, the first thing that comes to their mind is Social Media. Avoid social media at any cost. Go talk to someone and feel the human connection in real life. The person need not always be your loved or close one. You can also go to a park and talk and play with random kids. Smile and talk to strangers for no reason. You might as well end-up creating some long-term friends!

5. Write it down

Admitting honestly, this one is my favorite. Writing down your thoughts on paper is a very relieving activity. It de-clutters your mind and helps you see the silver lining which otherwise you won’t see. If you don’t want to go out or talk to someone just pen down every single thought that comes to your mind. Suddenly you’ll feel a calm and composed mind.

Proper diet and sleep are also very important to help you deal with a depressive mood. But, keep them in a balanced state. Sleeping more is as bad as sleeping less than required. You can’t starve yourself but you also need to stay away from bad eating habits like binge eating. Take your medications as well on time.

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