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Easy Weight Loss Tips to Keep You in Shape

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Samyak Lalit
Samyak Lalit | November 8, 2022 (Last update: November 8, 2022)

Samyak Lalit is an author and disability rights activist. He is a polio survivor and the founder of projects like Kavita Kosh, Gadya Kosh, TechWelkin, WeCapable, Dashamlav and Viklangta Dot Com. Website:

Have you gained some extra pounds or a few extra inches over your waistline but do not want to get into a boring weight loss routine? Nothing to worry about. We are with you. Keeping our body in shape is important but every important thing need not be boring. Here we are with some cool, science-backed, tips to lose weight. Follow these tips to get back in shape without torturing yourself.

1. Do Not Skip Breakfast

Talking about weight loss should not always start and finish with starving yourself. We want you to lose extra fat and stay in shape not to become malnourished. You have to lose weight but gain nutrition. So, if you want to lose weight and stay healthy at the same time, start your day with a healthy and fulfilling breakfast. A person who skips breakfast is more likely to crave and snack more, later in the day.

Generally, people wake up in the morning motivated to take on the day and this motivation dips as the hour passes. So, breakfast is the best time when you can choose a healthy diet without resistance.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Many research and studies have shown that people often confuse thirst with hunger. So, you might be stuffing calories in your body when you just need a plain glass of water. Some experts suggest that we should first drink a glass of water whenever we feel like snacking. If the hunger persists after the glass of water then you can go and eat whatever you like.

Moreover, water helps in burning more calories. So, drinking enough water can speed up your weight loss without any extra effort.

3. Find a Physical Activity that You Enjoy

Do you find exercise boring? No need to force yourself into any exercise routine and feel guilty when you fail to continue exercising even for a few days. The motto of exercise is to get your body moving. So, choose any physical activity that you enjoy and just do it. Do you love cycling? Or maybe playing badminton or any other sport? Do you like to go around your colony in your wheelchair? Do you like to play hide and seek with little children? Think of any activity that needs you to be physically active and make it a part of your routine.

Exercising should not mean moving your body in meaningless ways that you don’t enjoy. Any physical activity done regularly will benefit your health.

4. Use Smaller Plates and Bowls

Hey, you can go on shopping for this. Go get some cute-looking smaller plates and bowls. Eating on smaller plates automatically helps you reduce your portion size without giving your mind the stress of losing weight. When your plate is full, your brain is tricked into thinking that you have had enough. Using more plates and bowls also does the same trick with your brain. So, if you don’t feel lazy in doing the dishes, you can use separate bowls and plates for each item on your menu.

Using smaller plates and bowls helps you reduce portion size and cut on calories without giving your brain the signal that you are eating less. If your brain gets the impression that you are eating less, it will provoke you to eat something more or snack on something after you are done eating. Smaller plates can save your brain from that torture.

5. Do Not Ban Any Food You Like

Never promise yourself or others to ban any junk or unhealthy food that you enjoy eating. The reason is very simple. You won’t be able to resist yourself for very long if you enjoy something and when you break your promise you will feel bad about yourself. We do not want to make your weight loss journey torturing for you physically or mentally. Don’t see eating junk foods as a crime. It’s okay to eat them occasionally and in moderation.

Instead of removing something you can try replacing it with a healthier option. When you replace an unhealthy option with a healthy one, you are going to stick to the habit longer without fighting an internal battle.

6. Hoard Fruits and Veggies

After reading the above paragraph you might wonder how you replace your unhealthy cravings with a healthier option. So, here is the answer. Instead of stocking cookies, cakes, unhealthy noodles, or other highly processed food in your house, start hoarding fruits and veggies. Make it easier for yourself to take a bite of fruit and make it equally difficult for yourself to get your hands on some unhealthy snack. Every time you crave your favorite cookie or chocolate you will have to go to the store. And, when you have some fruits in your fridge, your mind will tell you that you can grab a fruit instead.

Just keeping healthier food options in your home can increase your chances of eating healthy. And, this won’t feel like an extra burden to your mind.

7. Experiment with New Recipes

Cooking is a therapeutic activity. So, start going to your kitchen more often. Try to experiment with new healthy recipes. When you cook for yourself, you are more likely to enjoy the meal. Even if you try your hands on some not-so-healthy recipe, it will be healthier than what you eat out. When you put ingredients yourself in your meal, you become more conscious about what is going into your meal and finally into your body. When you bake a pizza for yourself you will less likely load it with extra cheese and more likely add extra veggies. The cookie you bake for yourself will automatically have lesser butter.

You do not need to be extra cautious about cooking healthy when you cook yourself. You will automatically be mindful of ingredients and cooking procedures when you cook for yourself and your loved ones.

8. Enjoy Every Bite

Well, if you cook your meal yourself at home, each bite will become more enjoyable after all that hard work. Even if you have not cooked yourself, you should try to enjoy every bite of your meal. Avoid watching Netflix or scrolling through social media while eating. In fact, reading a book while eating is also a bad idea. When you are eating you should be solely focused on eating and enjoying every bite.

This might not sound very cool in the beginning but once you start chewing and enjoying every flavor of your food you will love the way of mindful eating. Just give it a try for a few days. Shut off everything and enjoy your meal when you are eating.

9. Take Frequent Breaks

Most of us today lead a sedentary life. A major portion of our day is spent staring at our laptop or desktop screen. Accept it or not, this is not good for our health and it is one of the factors behind our increasing weight. So, start taking frequent breaks in between your work. The break need not be very long. Just take breaks for a few minutes and utilize these breaks to stretch your body. These breaks will obviously help your mind to relax. But, here we are talking about these breaks for losing some weight.

Forget the misconception that five minutes of exercise or stretching doesn’t make a difference. Even if you stretch for one minute on a regular basis, it will make a difference and you will notice it. When we say stretching, we do not refer to any fixed set of stretching routines. Just move your body the way you can.

10. Sleep like a Log

Having enough sleep is important for our overall health including our metabolism. This means that you can expect to lose weight if you get enough sleep. So, don’t put yourself in guilt for sleeping an extra hour. In fact, make it a point to sleep for a proper 6 to 8 hours every night. It will not only make you slim but improve your overall health.

Always remember, sleeping is not wasting time. It repairs your body and makes you ready for the battle the next day. So, take a good night’s sleep every night.

11. Laugh More Often

Last but not the least, crack jokes and laugh at others’ jokes. Don’t just write Lolz on social media and chatting apps. Laugh out loud actually. It is surprisingly true that weight gain in today’s time is triggered more by stress than someone’s eating habits. So, if you want to stay slim and healthy keep yourself away from negativity and stress. Make it a habit to laugh and make others laugh as often as you can.

Laughter is a great therapy for our overall mental and physical health. It can help us in maintaining a healthy weight and shedding off extra kilos.

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