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Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Causes, Treatment, Disability

multiple sclerosis
Samyak Lalit
Samyak Lalit | September 25, 2019 (Last update: December 28, 2020)

Samyak Lalit is an author and disability rights activist. He is a polio survivor and the founder of projects like Kavita Kosh, Gadya Kosh, TechWelkin, WeCapable, Dashamlav and Viklangta Dot Com. Website:

Multiple Sclerosis (often referred to as MS) is a disabling disease that affects Central Nervous System (CNS). It inhibits the flow of information within the brain and between brain and various body parts. The cause of MS remains unknown so far. Women are more likely to develop MS symptoms than men. There is no known cure for MS at present but treatment can help in dealing with symptoms. MS is not life-threatening.

What Happens in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

In MS, the immune system of body attacks the Central Nervous System, which includes brain and spinal cord. As a result of MS, the myelin sheath covering on neurons gets damaged. This exposes the nerve fiber and causes problems in the information flow through nerves. With time, MS can lead to the permanent damage to nerves.

multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Symptoms

Symptoms of MS may vary considerably in type and severity among affected people. Following are some of the symptoms of MS:

  1. tiredness
  2. weakness
  3. pain, tingling, and numbness
  4. stiffness
  5. muscle spasms, stiffness and weakness
  6. difficulty walking or balancing
  7. vertigo and dizziness
  8. problems with thinking and memory
  9. changes in vision and hearing
  10. vision problems
  11. problems with thinking, learning and planning
  12. depression and anxiety
  13. sexual problems
  14. bladder problems
  15. bowel problems
  16. speech and swallowing difficulties

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Hindi

In Hindi Multiple Sclerosis is written as मल्टीपल स्क्लेरॉसिस

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) ICD 10 Code

International Classification of Diseases – 10th Revision (ICD-10) code for Multiple Sclerosis is G35.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as Disability

MS can be severely disabling. India has recognized MS as a disability under its RPWD Act 2016. In the UK and USA also, a person with advanced stages of MS can claim disability benefits. The criteria is that the affected person’s ability to work must be hampered to a degree that she can not regularly work to make a living.

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