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Benefits and Uses of Unique Disability ID (UDID) Card

unique disability id (udid) card of a person.
Samyak Lalit
Samyak Lalit | October 27, 2017 (Last update: November 12, 2021)

Samyak Lalit is an author and disability rights activist. He is a polio survivor and the founder of projects like Kavita Kosh, Gadya Kosh, TechWelkin, WeCapable, Dashamlav and Viklangta Dot Com. Website:

After bringing the Rights of Persons with Disability Bill 2016, the Government of India has launched another important project for the welfare of disabled persons in India. Unique Disability ID Card (UDID Card) is being issued to all the disabled persons. This card is also known as SwavlambanCard and it comes with a number of benefits. Today, we will discuss these advantages in detail.

Benefits Attached to the Unique Disability ID Card (UDID Card)

  1. Application for UDID card can be submitted online. So, it will make life easier for PWDs.
  2. The UDID Card holder will no longer need to carry lengthy documents as proof of her disability. UDID Card will be acceptable everywhere to prove one’s disability condition.
  3. “At present the disability certificates of one state are not recognized in the other. The universal cards would help the differently-abled tide over these problems that they face at railway counters or even to avail any benefit at educational institutions. The card would have a unique number which if fed on the website would help an authority access all details.”, said Shri Awanish Kumar Awasthi, Joint Secretary (DePwD).
  4. The card will be of standard credit card size. It will easily fit in one’s wallet.
  5. UDID Card will have all the relevant details related with the person and her disability. This information can be easily read with a card reader device.
  6. Real time data about the disabled persons will be available to the government to act upon.
  7. Disability related data will not get duplicated as the computer system can ensure uniqueness of all the data related with disabled individuals.
  8. System can be easily upgraded if more disability conditions get recognized by the government.
  9. It would be easy to identify the extent of person’s disability. A person with less than 40% disability would have a card with a white stripe, 40 to 80% would have a card with yellow stripe and above 80% card with a blue stripe.
  10. UDID Card will help government to track a number of aspects. For example:
    1. Whether benefits of welfare schemes are reaching to the disabled persons.
    2. How the beneficiaries are getting benefited.
    3. If schemes are contributing to the progress of UDID card holders etc.
unique disability id (udid) card of a person.

Source: Times of India

Questions from Readers

Can the UDID Card be used for bus travel?

There is no clarity on this at present. We think that disabled people will have to get the bus passes made as usual. But while applying for the bus pass, UDID Card could be used as proof of disability.

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51 responses to “Benefits and Uses of Unique Disability ID (UDID) Card”

  1. Avatar Vimalraj. S. J says:


  2. Avatar GIRIJESH KUMAR SINGH says:

    The steps taken by you are excellent. I am also a polio patient, pursuing Ph.D in disability law in India. I want to be a part of this pious institution. can I?

  3. Avatar vijay lokhande says:

    how much time required to obtain udid card after submission online personal details

    • Avatar THAKUR VINJ says:

      In my case after applying online in morning I have been allotted an UDID no. in evening and after that i download it from website

  4. Avatar ASHUTOSH YADAV says:


  5. Avatar ASHUTOSH YADAV says:

    my 16 years doughter suffering from AUTISM

    Her application number is SAP/2017/731614


    we have try since 6 month for this
    name- Miss DIKSHA YADAV



    • Avatar PRATIK SHARMA says:

      Dont worry generally takes time to genrate and it is of no use at present.if you have disability certificate it is more than ok.

      • Avatar B Ravi kumar says:

        Is there any financial benefit for the mental retardation person who holds UDID Card. How to claim in Tamil Nadu

        • Avatar Amitabh Tiwari says:

          Is it possible to avail the facilitie of online railway reservation with concession?

          • Avatar Neeraj says:

            Yes but after getting udid you have to apply in rail department for your rail card. Generally they will give you a form that to be stamped after filling by the same hospital. Then with disability certificate, udid that form and aadhar card submit it to rail department. In approx a month they will give you the rail discount card. While booking online submit that card number snd you will get discount

    • Avatar ASHOK G SHAH says:

      You will have to go for assessment at near by center mentioned in form. After that only card will be processed

  6. Avatar Ajay says:

    Thankyou for information.

    There should also be provision for Physically Disables to travel free of cost in buses of All India, unlike only the state Government Buses. This will give them wings to develop and a much relaxation instead only in railways.

  7. Avatar RADHA KRISHNA PRASAD says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please provide me Delhi address where I can apply for UDID card.


    Radha Krishana Prasad

  8. Avatar Brijesh Kumar Gupta says:

    Can the UDID Card be used for RAILWAYS travel ?

  9. Avatar arun says:

    BUT, we can not use this card for online ticketing…any easy processes for online ticking.

    • Avatar manjunath bk says:

      make railway pass to get zonal office of your nearest railway station. There give one reg. pass card ( like swsbc 003875) in this u can login your railway site can book ticket ok

  10. Avatar rakesh kumar says:

    Dear friends,
    For a person with 100 % disability, there are railway concession is applicable. What about a person who is 98% disable?
    I have 98% disability in hearing impairment
    What are the facilities available for me in government sectors.

  11. Avatar Raja says:

    UDID Card is not Accepeted in DRM section in Railway station, they need only concession certificate.

  12. Avatar Rajesh Bhogle says:

    I had done UDID Disability Registration on 12th Aug 2018 under Maharashtra state. However the status still show as submitted only. Is there any contact number to verify my application status.

    • Avatar Narendra says:

      You pl take printout of your application and contact to authorized hospital of your area along with your UID and address proof and other documents like earlier certs/medical papers etc.

  13. Avatar MOHD BILAL says:

    Actually I Am From Delhi
    My Village U.p
    Ye Card Uttar Pradesh Ki Roadways Me Bhi Chalega Kya

  14. Avatar Dr.Nirmala Srinivasan says:

    1. Is UDID mandatory?
    2.Will UDID be in the place of the existing Disability Certificate?
    2. Is it done offline as well ? If so, who will do it in State Govts?

    • Lalit Kumar Lalit Kumar says:

      Taking UDID Card is not mandatory. Sometime in future it may replace the paper disability certificates. You can send the offline application but it is much easier to apply online.

  15. Avatar BHARATH KUMAR says:


  16. Avatar Nageen Jain says:

    IN UDID is showing validity is permanent but at the time of ticket booking it is asking valid up to in date format, what i enter for booking.

  17. Avatar AAMIR ANAS says:

    We can raise a petition to MoR GoI for starting the online process for issue of this ID card or they can accept UDID as valid ID for booking tickets online?

  18. Avatar Shish Pal says:

    I want to know UDID card is valid for all India Buses for free travel facility according to Person with Disability Act, 2016

  19. Avatar pramod kumar sahoo says:

    sir please mention 100% disability card benefits

  20. Avatar Vishal Rasal says:

    i have disability certificate since 2014 do ineed to update it? if yes how? what is the procedure ?

  21. Avatar kamal kumar says:

    presently i am taking the tax benefit for my disabled son and medical reimbursement this benefit is somewhat relief for me till i am in the job .the medical reimbursement shall be on or whatsoever thereafter is not known any how there are much disabled persons and are needed all benefits even employees are not aware about this meaning to say are not aware about the medical facility and other facilities As such it shall be better that strict instructions should be issued at the panchyat/ward level to scrutinize such persons so that the disabled persons may be able to get the required benefits



  23. Avatar M Shridhar says:

    I have already submitted Application for Unique Disability card by online vide my Enrolment no. 2723/00000/1708/0125948 dated 07/08/2017 but still not yet received the card. I am physically handicapped, deaf man.
    Please look into the matter and do the needful.
    I am looking forward to hear from you soon and also receive the card at the earliest.
    Thanking you,
    M. Shridhar

  24. Avatar Mrs.Padmavathy Shridhar says:

    I have already submitted Application for Unique Disability card by online vide my Enrolment no. 2723/00000/1708/0224735 dated 12/08/2017 but still not yet received the card. I am physically handicapped, deaf woman.
    Please look into the matter and do the needful.
    I am looking forward to hear from you soon and also receive the card at the earliest.
    Thanking you,
    Padmavathy Shridhar

  25. Avatar Nishant Singh Tomar says:

    Sir , My name is NISHANT SINGH TOMAR. 40% disability. my UDID photo is old and email , mobile number, mother name is not feeded. how can update details. please help me . thanks.

  26. Avatar basavaraj yandigeri says:

    UDID card is good for disabality person.

  27. Avatar dhiren dodia says:

    i was lost my right leg in accident this is witch type Disability please specifie

  28. Avatar H Mahadeva says:

    Sir i have forgotten udid enrollment number so please help me how to get udid enrollment number

  29. Avatar Jayesh says:

    I got a card issued for my mother. She has loco-motor disability.
    However, contrary to the sample shown in this website, my mother got a temporary card issued with validity of 2 years instead of the permanent card. Can you please tell me what might be the reason for this? And how can I get a permanent card?

  30. Avatar venkatanarayana K V says:

    Dear sir I am suffering from multiple disability i done assessment and submit to District hospital, they are uploaded only one disability ( hearing ) other than loco motor disability assessment form not uploaded. udid card was ganarated, than I visited to district hospital asked them. they are told you come with UDID card, i received last two months back . again visited to district hospital . at the time they told still your card not dispached. You come later. after one month Again visted hospital, Now also they told same matter. now what can I do sir. this processes was last three months. I have all documents please give suggestion

  31. Avatar Deb says:

    I have disability certificate issued in 2002. And now I would like to apply for UDID card only (Without going through the rigorous disability assessment test again). So, can I just apply for UDID card without going through the medical test again as I already have the disability certificate with the %age?

  32. Avatar Kasim Sayed says:

    Hi Sir, This is Kasim Sayed i am handicap staying in karnataka Karwar Uttar Kannada i stay very near to river in a small house having family with girls studing,but the scheme which comes will not reaches us nor we get any information so please help.

  33. Avatar Nadim ibushe says:

    This is nadim ibushe I am handicap staying in Maharashtra my case in low vision sir 30 %what would be benefits

  34. Avatar Zaid says:

    First of all Hello sir,
    The work you are doing is fabulous. I am Engineer by profession and I am orthopedically Handicapped (spine injury). I am willing to join this cause so you can contact me anytime.
    Thanks in advance

  35. Avatar sangeetha says:

    hello sir,
    issue of UDID card is restricted to the state that the client belongs to ? .. for eg. can we issue at AIISH, Mysore speech language disability certificate to a client from Bangalore district?
    once the UDID is issued, will the respective institute be informed about it?

  36. Avatar M.V. KRISHNAIAH says:

    Sir, First of all thank you very much for your concern towards disabled people. Make this UDID card itself as a pass to get all benefits provided by the government. Why different cards? Please don’t let PwD persons to rush around offices.

  37. Avatar Jayesh says:

    Sir I have got Temporary Disability Certificate in which I have assessed 42%. Is there any difference in rights, concessions, benefits for temporary and permanent disabled.

  38. Avatar Mahesh says:

    Sir, I am in service of the central government. My daughter is 100% disabled. Is there any monthly income scheme from state govt or central government for her? Please inform me sir.

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