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Hospitals and Process for Applying for Disability Certificates

Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi also issues disability certificates
Lalit Kumar | May 17, 2017 (Last update: March 22, 2020)

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Recently, India has passed a full-fleged Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. This act provides a number of benefits to the disabled people. However, in order to receive these benefits you would need to get a Disability Certificate from a designated government hospital. In this article, we will discuss the process of applying for a Disability Certificate. We will also present an updated list of hospitals where you can apply for such a certificate.

A Disability Certificate (which people often refer to as Handicap Certificate) is a document issued by the competent authority in India and it certifies the type and degree of the disability that a person is affected with.

Who can Apply for Disability Certificate?

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India has laid down certain conditions for a person to be considered as disabled. Following are some of the conditions that must be fulfilled:

  • The person has to be an Indian citizen
  • Extent of disability
    • Person must have minimum 35% mentally handicapped or disability
    • Person must have an orthopedic disability of minimum 40%
    • In case of deaf people the disability percentage must be between 90 db & 100 db
    • Visual impairment has to be more than 90%

How to Obtain Disability Certificate

First of all, you would need to visit a local government health center and get yourself examined. The person with disability will have to personally present at the local health center. Doctors in that center then refers you to the appropriate hospital where disability certificate can be issued.

Then the person with disability has to be personally visit the said hospital and be present in front of the Medical Board for disability evaluation. You can visit any of the hospitals listed in the next section for getting yourself evaluated and apply for a disability certificate. In case the person with disability can not be personally present in the hospital, a parent/guardian can approach the medical board and discuss the case to see what other arrangement could be made for disability evaluation.

You should carry the following documents while going for evaluation or for applying for disability certificate:

  1. Referral paper from the local health center
  2. Two recent colored personal photos of the person with disability
  3. Copy of the I.D. proof (Aadhar Card is best)
  4. Copy of the address proof (Aadhar Card is best)
  5. Copies of available medical reports
  6. Copy of the previous Disability Certificate (in case it is being renewed)

If possible, it is advisable to speak with the hospital you’re planning to visit about what documents are required for the issuance of disability certificate.

You should keep the referral slip safe as you will need on every visit to the hospital. Medical board is constituted by five doctors. It is not uncommon that one or more doctors will not be present in the hospital. In such a case the evaluation will not take place and you may have to return home with a next date in hand.

When full board will meet and your disability will be evaluated — you will be given another date when you can again go to the hospital and collect your disability certificate.

Degree of disability is indicated by percentage. Higher the impact of the disability — higher would be the disability percentage.

Hospitals That Can Issues Disability Certificates

Medical Boards constituted by state governments have been given the status of Certifying Authorities. These Medical Boards are usually present in various government hospitals. Following is the list of such hospitals where you can go and apply for disability certificates:

Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi also issues disability certificates

New Delhi

Updated list of hospitals for disability certificate in Delhi

  1. Physical Disability
    1. Lok Nayak Hospital
    2. Aruna Asaf Ali Government Hospital
    3. Hindu Rao Hospital & Satyawadi Raja Harish Chandra Hospital (for rural area)
    4. Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital
    5. Pt.Madan Mohan Malviya Hospital
    6. Guru Govind Singh Hospital
    7. Deen Dayal Upadhay Hospital & Rao Tula Ram Memorial Hospital (rural area)
    8. Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital
    9. Baba Sahib Ambedkar Hospital
    10. Sanjay Gandhi Hospital
    11. Jag Pravesh Chandra Hospital
    12. Hedgewar Arogaya Sansthan
    13. Safdarjung Hospital
    14. Lady Harding Hospital
  2. Mental Disability
    1. Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IBHAS): G.T.B, Hospital Road, Dilshad Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110095


  1. Physical as well as Mental Disabilities
    1. JJ Hospital, Byculla
  2. Physical Disabilities
    1. All India Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AIIPMR), Haji Ali


  1. Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital, Rajbansi Nagar

The government has begun to issue Unique Disability ID in some states.

Do you already have a disability certificate? If yes, please let us know which hospitals in your city make these certificates. Also if you can provide tips to for the benefit for other people, please mention them too! Thank you!

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30 responses to “Hospitals and Process for Applying for Disability Certificates”

  1. Avatar Hitesh Padsala says:

    Good And Very Informative Information. Thanks

  2. Avatar BHUPENDRA SHUKLA says:

    The rule above says VISUAL IMPAIRMENT has to be MORE THAN 90% !!! Does the Ministry think that people with only 10% vision are normal and can perform all acts? Can anyone with only 10% vision get jobs that a normal person can? Like say a Pilot or even a Driver? Government only finds ways how NOT to give benefits.

  3. Avatar Nishank Patil says:

    I have Physical Disability certificate from AIIPMR from Haji Ali, which was issued in Nov 2000, is it acceptable? Also I need Certificate of Mental Retardation Of Inmate from civil hospital, we stay in Borivali West, can you please advice nearby hospital because need the certificate for taking admission in Aadhar care centre.

  4. Avatar nilesh salharam dhuri says:

    I have applied for my son’s UDID
    The application status is verified.
    Now J J Hospital has asked to modify the Disability Section.
    It is not possible from our side.
    What can be done.
    The application is required to be modified (status verified)

  5. Avatar Jitendra Jagdish Chawla says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Jitendra Jagdish Chawla. I suffered from a big accident for which I was getting examined in Nair Hospital a few years back. They gave me a 2nd life. Thanks to all the staffs for the same. I am 58% handicapped by the right leg. Also I was operated on my neck — you can see practically the marks when i visit there. I request you, can anyone guide me for the handicapped certificate as I am having problems while traveling on the local trains.

    Please reply me for the same and do the needful thing for my better life.

  6. Avatar Jyotsna Tete says:

    Thank you so much. Its very informative.

  7. Avatar pawan singh. says:

    sir, i want to make my driving licence for two wheeler, since i have 65 percent disability in my right leg , a certificate of disability has been issued from j.j. hospital mumbai. kindly clear where i have to go for driving licence in mumbai.

  8. Avatar Umesh Kumar says:

    Hearing loss in right hear. Applying disability certificate for this.

  9. Avatar Vinod Chauhan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Vinod Chauhan living in Bhayandar. I suffered from a running train big accident for which I was getting examined in Nanawati & Bombay Hospital in the month of November 2018. They gave me a 2nd life. Thanks to all the staffs for the same. I am handicapped by the left and right leg ancle. Also I was operated on my spinal — you can see practically the marks when i visit there. I request you, can anyone guide me for the handicapped certificate as I am having problems while traveling on the local trains.

    Please reply me for the same and do the needful thing for my better life.

  10. Avatar Abhijit says:

    Hi Sir,

    I want to apply for HI disability certificate (100%). I am confused about the medical reports needed to be shown to the medical authorities. I have done my audiogram. Are any more reports needed? I’ve heard some people saying that BERA test is also needed. Previously when I applied for the same, this test was never required and audiogram was enough.

    Also what do you mean by referral slip? How does one get that?

  11. Avatar Abhijit says:

    Hi sir,
    I have Hearing impairment as well as Visual impairment. I applied for hearing impairment disability certificate through UDID portal and got the same from Thane Civil Hospital. I want to apply for visual impairment too. Which hospital do I need to go to for the medical tests?

    • Lalit Kumar Lalit Kumar says:

      Having two certificates will not help you. You should apply for Multiple Disabilities certificate because you have two different types of disabilities.

  12. Avatar Nash Dsouza says:

    I have Physical Disability certificate from AIIPMR from Haji Ali, which was issued in June 2000, is it acceptable? I have applied for my UDID on 8 May 2019. The application status is submitted.
    I have not got my UDID still nor have I got any updates from them. I have a permanent disability (Cerebral Palsy) and which exceeds 50%. Do I need to go for evaluation to the hospital to get the UDID.

  13. Avatar ajay says:

    skin problems handicapped certificate kaise banta hai

  14. Avatar T Pal says:

    My daughter has only less than 40% hearing. Is she eligible for a handicapped certificate? Where in Mumbai shall I get it?

  15. Avatar suraj pradhan says:

    i am having a left leg disability so which hospital to visit so that i would get my disability certificate

  16. Avatar Anurag says:

    Where to apply for physical disability certificate in Gurgaon case of LocoMotor disability

  17. I live at Vasai, (Maharashtra) and have bilateral profound hearing loss in both my ears, since 2012, after being healed from Vivax Malaria (leading to Meningitis). I have visited Ali Yavar Jung Hospital (Bandra -W), for a disability certificate, particularly for 2/3 wheeler driving purpose. I just underwent an ASSR check-up, yesterday. I was told that I need to undergo another test, with hearing aids, in order to be eligible for the certificate. On the basis of the report I will have to visit District Hospital, (Palghar – Maharashtra), since my residence is outside Mumbai limits. Please can anyone assist? Thank you very much.

  18. Avatar Bhushan Dhumal says:

    I have applied for my son’s UDID. The application status is under submitted.
    I have to modify the Disability Section. Kindly share procedure to for editing the application.
    And second thing want to know exactly under what disablity the nerve injury will fall.

  19. Avatar Ajit kumar pandey says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffring from Bipolar disorder since 2001.i hospitlised in private and gov hospital more than 5 times during 19 year.During traveling i lose my all last doctor report upto 2013.I am taking Lithium and Divalporex sodium and olanzapine.running treatment from Aiims Delhi going on from 8 month.How can i get disability certificate.i am native of muzaffarpur bihar.

  20. Avatar C.N.ANANTHKRISHNAN says:

    Dear Sir.
    First of all let me thank you for introducing this portal ,which is very useful for the public especially the physically handicapped.
    I wish to ask a few questions which are given below ,kindly make some efforts to answer
    them with the possible resources with you :-
    Can physically handicapped certificate be denied to any person ?.after examination what is the criteria and whether the Medical Board will explain to the applicant the reason for their denial.
    I also wish to ask whether within how many days can an applicant get the PH certificate?
    Can the Primary Health centres issue these Certificates.?
    Can I get all the benefits of a permanent Certificate by getting a temporary Certificate

  21. Avatar DEEPAK says:

    I live in Delhi .I lost my upper part of my right hand little finger in an accident and I am not able to do activity by my right hand.I had already apply on UDID in 10/11/2019 but still there is no response . What should I do for getting disability certificate

  22. Avatar Binit says:

    Sir, is there anything for unilateral deaf people, I mean any govt’s scheme

  23. Avatar Ashish.shivalkar says:

    I am 44yrs old. due to diabetes I suffer from diabetic retinopathy. I lost my right eye vision 100% and my left eye has become week. Can I get disability/handicap certificate for my future benefits?

  24. Avatar Karthik reddy says:

    Other state person also can apply for disability certificate in delhi?

  25. Avatar Vinita Minz says:

    Respected Sir,
    I’m Vinita Minz, student of undergraduate, recently I had been diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease. How can I apply for disability certificate? Am I eligible for the benefit from the UDID program. Is this disorders comes under this program?

  26. Avatar Radha Ananthakrishnan says:

    Please add Nair hospital in Mumbai, that is authorised to test and certify the disability.


  27. Avatar Sadia says:

    Sir I have kyphoscoliosis. Can I get a disability certificate for that ??

  28. Avatar Neeta Mungekar says:

    Sir my son is having cerebral pulsy disability. I want to make disability certificate for my son. I live in koparkhairne navi mumbai. I have filled online registration form. I had visited in nmmc hospital navi mumbai they said they cannot provide certificate and gave civil hospital thane address. Please suggest me which hospital should I go for disability certificate.

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