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UDID Application Status: I Haven’t Received My Card

track udid card application status
Samyak Lalit
Samyak Lalit | May 28, 2018 (Last update: November 12, 2021)

Samyak Lalit is an author and disability rights activist. He is a polio survivor and the founder of projects like Kavita Kosh, Gadya Kosh, TechWelkin, WeCapable, Dashamlav and Viklangta Dot Com. Website:

People who have submitted their applications for Unique Disability ID Card (UDID Card) often ask about the status of their application. The applicants also say that they haven’t yet received their UDID Card. The next question that I all the time get is “when would I get my UDID Card?”. I am receiving so many such queries that I decided to answer all these questions in this article.

Well, first of all, let me make it clear that WeCapable is not associated with the UDID Card issuing authorities. Therefore I can not help you in getting your UDID Card. This is up to the authorities as to what action they will take on your application. Here on WeCapable, I only try to provide information about anything and everything related with disability. I am also a polio survivor — and I know what difference information can make in the lives of disabled people. That is why I am writing on WeCapable.

Having said that, the UDID applicants should know a few things regarding their application. Let’s see what these points are.

UDID Card is a Being Implemented in a Phased Manner

A person with disability can anytime apply for a UDID Card online. But your application will be processed by the state authorities only when your state will begin to roll out the UDID Cards.

For example, (as on 28 May 2018) Delhi has not yet started generating the UDID Cards. So, even if a disabled person from Delhi submitted application in 2017, she would not still have got her card.

As on 28 May 2018, as per the UDID website, only the following states have started to issue the UDID Cards:

  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Gujrat
  • Odisha
  • Maharashtra
  • Kerala
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Jharkhand
  • Rajasthan

If your state is among those where UDID Card generation has not yet started — you will have to wait until the process starts in your state.

udid project status as on 28 May 2018

I Haven’t Received My UDID Card. What can I Do?

First of all you should track the status of your application. If you go to Swavlamban website, you can find your application status using the Enrollment Number. This is the number that you must have received while submitting your application. You should check your email account and search for UDID. This should find the email sent by the system along with your enrollment number.

track udid card application status

As shown in the above image, my application status is still just submitted (I had submitted my application in November 2017). This is because my state, Delhi, has not yet implemented the UDID project.

So, all this simply means that you can submit application anytime — but you will have to wait for the UDID Card until your state begins to work on it.

What if Your State is Generating UDID Cards But You Haven’t Got It

You should check the application status as explained above. If the status says that the card has been issued — but you still haven’t got it — then you may contact the Medical Board where your disability was evaluated. They might guide you who exactly to talk to find out what happened to your card. You may also speak with the Post Office of your area to see if they have your undelivered card with them.

I hope this information will help ease your anxiety over the UDID Card. While you wait for your UDID Card, you can still use your disability certificate for all practical purpose. Thank you for connecting with WeCapable!


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50 responses to “UDID Application Status: I Haven’t Received My Card”

  1. Avatar shivani vora says:

    I submitted the application on behalf of my sister on Aug 20 2017 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is still showing as application status submitted. How can I procure the UDID card?

    • Avatar K K Sharma says:

      You would have not filled the name of the hospital where you wish to be evaluated.
      Pl fill the same then only your application will move forward

    • Avatar srinivas says:

      Approach the designated hospital for evaluation of dissability thereafter the Dr has to upload online the percentage and certificate Then your udid procedure complacence

    • Avatar Stalper Queen says:

      You have to visit the disability issuing authority (In this case GMC Mumbai} for further assessment with the physician. Hope this helps

  2. Avatar Kabulache says:

    I have done my Brothers Doctors Assessment & check up at Govt Hospital . After that I track the Status online it is showing “Referred to Specialist for Assessment” .
    My Ques is what will be Next, is there still any Process or formalities left? How much time will it take ? What will be end (Finishing) Status ?

  3. Avatar Chirag Patel says:

    I am ( Chirag Patel ) submitted the application on Jan 14, 2018, live in City Mumbai, State Maharashtra. It is still showing as application status submitted. How can I procure the UDID card? and when it will be processed to dispatch and delivery i have also dropped an email on on but no reply till date. Kindly help me with the same.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Avatar Jignesh D Patel says:

      Hi Chirag
      I am also in the same situation, I had applied for my brother long time back but the status show is SUBMITTED.
      I also wrote an email to the email address you wrote, but no reply.
      I would be kind if you get or someone else can share the contact details where we can get the current status of application.

    • Avatar Ashok kumar sahoo says:

      you have to go to your district hospital headquater in your area with the downloaded application from the site , which you get after subbmiting the application in the site….then in the hospital, the doctor will perform their task to calculate your disability percent…..

    • Avatar Venkatesh says:

      Hi Team,
      I have visited the KR hospital and medical assessment is also done and it’s been two months now but still the application is showing SUBMITTED only and When I visit the hospital again they are telling that they have lost the assessment sheet and asking us to do assessment again. Even I have spoken with welfare department but no use add they are not helping properly.

      Place is Mysore district and how can I get help as govt people are not ready to help.

      I have sent a mail also to director Vikas but no reply.

  4. Avatar vahid gulab shaikh says:

    My enrollment number has been lost. Please, any suggestion?

  5. Avatar VIJAY DWARKU GHAG says:

    Without Enrollment no. the status showing already registered then how to get my online certificate Receipt & My Application on Site ( Swavlamban website)

  6. Avatar manoj kumar singh says:

    09690000017110852175I am ( manoj kumar Singh ) submitted the application on 23/11/2017 live in bijpur State uttar pradesh. It is still showing as application submitted Kindly help me.

  7. Avatar Austin Pinto says:

    i submited my application and lost my enrolment number how do i get it back?

    • Avatar Sopan Sutar says:

      Open your Email and search UDID, then you will get mail sent by UDID department. In this mail you will get your UDID enrollment no.

  8. Avatar Sasmita Rout says:

    Sir, my name is Sasmita Rout. i have lost missing my enrollment number and application number. How to check the status of my UDID card?

  9. Avatar K.C.Nayak says:

    My enrolment number has been lost.. How can I find my enrolment number? Please reply.

  10. Avatar sachin says:

    i could see my status is verified, could you please confirm what does it mean?

  11. Avatar Dattatray manvatkar says:

    i submited my application and Disability Certificate prepared and UDID Genreated. How to download online certificate and UDID Card

  12. Avatar MICHAEL GEORGE A says:

    Sir, My name is MICHAEL GEORGE A and I Have Submitted Application through Online on 16.08.2019. My Enrolment No. is 3327/00000/1908/0925851. It is still showing as application status Submitted. How can I procure the UDID card ?.

  13. Avatar Abhijeet Nirwal says:

    sir, i Abhijeet Nirwal, i submited my application and Disability Certificate prepared and UDID Genreated. but my UDID card status showing ‘ Dispatched to PwD ‘ from last 4 month. but not recived yet. what should i do ?

  14. Avatar Gajanan says:

    how many days take for getting UDID smart card after disability certificate generated (Certificate Generated Date 01.06.2020)
    My application current status: Details shared with Agency for printing UDID Card

  15. Avatar Satish Rahood says:

    Sir, My name is Satish Rahood, live in Wardha (Maharashtra) and I have submitted application through online on 25/05/2020. My Enrollment No. is 2708/00000/2005/0367267. It is still showing as application status submitted. How can I procure the UDID card?

  16. Avatar SUBHASRI says:


  17. Avatar Shejal Shankar Dhule says:

    Sir, My name is SHEJAL SHANKAR DHULE and I had submitted Application. Enrolment Date 04/02/2019 & My Enrolment No. is 2722/00000/1902/0231295 It is still not received to us. Application status is showing UDID card dispatched to PWD. Please let me know the long form of PWD. We had checked the concern post office of Samata Nagar, Kandivali East, Mumbai. 400101, but not found the in the post office. But they are asking me the Docket No. & date of dispatch of UDID card. What to do ? Where is my UDID card ? Please note 1 year & 7 Months Passed.

    Request to you to trace my UDID card & give me the Mobile No. of concern person, Name of Person, Exact address of concern person. Enabling me to collect the same personally.

    Sir awaiting your reply as possible as you as it’s already one 1 Year & 7 Month late.

    Please look into the matter & do the needful.

  18. Avatar nitin patel says:

    my udid card status show verifided but i forget my enrollment and Beneficiary Number pls help me

  19. Avatar Naman says:

    I just want to know if someone will come deliver it and make me sign for it, or whether it’ll just be left in my postbox…

  20. Avatar Rajkumar G says:

    Sir, My name is Rajkumar G and I Have Submitted Application through Online on 18/09/2018 . My Enrolment No. is 3214/00000/1809/0604913. It is still showing as application status Submitted. How can I procure the UDID card ?.

    • Avatar khan says:

      Visit to your diatrict civil surgeon with your old certificate or medical reports,and contact with him.Only he is the person who can help you.

  21. Avatar Beena. P says:

    Sir, My name is Beena P and I Have Submitted Application through Online on 18/09/2018 . My Enrollment No. is 3214/000000/1809/0606851. It is still showing as application status Submitted. How can I procure the UDID card?

  22. Avatar RAGHUNATH JADHAV says:

    My Daughter Dhamal Jadhav applied for the card but status showing verified since 2017. Please advise further action.

  23. Avatar RAGHUNATH JADHAV says:

    If status is showing VERIFIED what is action required from my daughter Miss Shamal Jadhav who applied for the card during 2017

  24. Avatar Jayakumar says:

    Hi Am Jayakumar Chennai, I got the msg while checking the online UDID portal, What should i do now, kindly help me pls, (Your application current status: Your application status is submitted. You may contact to your District Medical authority for further action )

  25. Avatar anil Bhandari says:

    I lost my offline medical certificate and facing problem while applying or register for new one. What should I do?

  26. Avatar Shivani Choudhary says:

    Can I use e-disability Certificate provided by udid for govt job exam like UPSC as it matches upsc prescribed format? This certificate is based on my very old certificate of 2006 which does not match Upsc prescribed format. But issue is except issuing date & basic details it does not indicate anything about my old certificate. What should I do?

  27. Avatar Roshini Francis says:

    My sister applied for the card but status showing is verified.. What does it mean? Please advise for further action..

  28. Avatar Pradeep Sonar says:

    My Card status is showing “Your card has been despatched to PwD” since 2019 but still not received anything from post of.
    Infact I approached to Post office many times regarding this but nothing happened.
    Moreover when I am trying to download E- UDID card
    It shows ” your account has expired please renew your account” however I have already submitted application for renew back in 2020-21 but that still showing “your application for renew is under process”

    The situation right now is I have only UDID no. But no card, neither able to download E – UDID card.

  29. Avatar thwayib says:

    My Card status is showing “Your card has been dispatched to PwD” since 2019 but I have still not received anything from the post office. In fact I approached to Post office many times regarding this but nothing happened.

  30. Avatar Thwayib says:

    I am deaf. I have applied for UDID card. My Card Status showing UDID Card Dispatched to PwD (kerala) since long time but still not received anything from post. Infact I approached to Post office many times regarding this but nothing happened. Can i get speed tracking Consignment number of india post. I mailed to udid department but they are no response. i need Consignment number of card . Where can get consignment number

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