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Getting Railways Photo Identity Card for Persons with Disability

Alokita | August 19, 2017 (Last update: December 2, 2021)

Alokita is a Polio Survivor. She overcame her disability and went on to become a commerce graduate. Alokita writes about disability issues and her appetite for learning new things is far from satiated.

Earlier it used to be quite discriminatory that all passengers were able to book their railway tickets online sitting in the comfort of their couch while persons with disabilities needed to go to ticket window physically for getting a ticket. But now things have changed and you can see an option for booking a train ticket under handicapped quota online when you login to the IRCTC website.

At first glance, it looks quite relaxing that we don’t have to put extra effort for booking a train ticket for the reason that we are persons with disabilities. But as soon as you click on the check-box on that reads “I’ll book in special concession (Physically handicapped and Journalist Passengers)”, a dialogue box will appear.

The dialogue box tells that if you book a concessional ticket you need to carry a photo identity card issued by the Railways. The escort or attendant too needs to carry a photo identity card mentioned at the time of booking. This dialogue box can create a lot of confusion and it is quite possible you’ll go back and book a general ticket despite having disability. If it was simply a photo identity card there would not be any confusion because we all carry our Aadhar Card with us.

Getting Railways Photo Identity Card and Concession Certificate is a big benefit available to PwDs

This article is intended to give you the valuable information about the photo identity card issued by the Railways including the procedure to obtain it and where to find the required form.

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Hindi Video Explaining the Whole Process

Who is Eligible to Get Railways Photo Identity Card?

For the purpose of granting photo identity card, the Railways has divided persons with disabilities into four categories.

  1. Orthopedically handicapped person who cannot travel without an escort or assistance.
  2. Mentally retarded persons who need an escort.
  3. Completely blind persons traveling alone or with an escort.
  4. Totally deaf and mute person (with both afflictions together).

In addition to these four broad categories, the concession is also allowed to persons with certain ailments.

  1. Cancer patients
  2. Heart patient
  3. Non-infectious leprosy patients
  4. Thalassemia major patients
  5. T.B. patients
  6. Kidney patients
  7. Haemophilia patients
  8. Aplastic anemia patients
  9. Sickle-cell anemia patients

The given forms should be certified by a government doctor with sign and seal. You need to paste a recent color photograph of yourself that would be attested by the doctor. Getting the certification from a government doctor though is not enough to be eligible to book concessional tickets under handicapped quota; this is just the first step.

Procedure for Getting Concessional Railway Ticket for Handicapped Persons

1. Approach the nearest D.R.M office

You need to visit your nearest Divisional Railway Manager’s Office with all the relevant documents in original as well as self-attested photocopies. Relevant documents are:

  1. Concession Certificate or Unique Disability ID (UDID) Card
  2. Photo Identity Proof (e.g. Aadhaar Card)
  3. Date of Birth Proof
  4. Address Proof
  5. Two passport size color photo
  6. Attested photocopies of these documents.

NOTE: Concession Certificate is the certificate issued by the railways by verifying the disability certificate. The whole problem has been that the Concession Certificate can not used for booking ticket online. That is why you need Railway Photo ID Card.

When you submit your application, the envelope containing the documents and the application should have legibly written heading “Application for issue of Railway Identity Card for Physically Challenged Persons for Ticketing”.

The application submitted for the purpose should be addressed to the Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (Sr. DCM) of the division.

2. Verification of the submitted documents by Commercial Inspector

Once you submit your documents along with the application the concerned officer would get them verified from a commercial inspector. The procedure will move forward only after the inspector verifies that the issuing hospital, doctor and the details mentioned are all correct. Only the concession certificate issued by a government office of the concerned zone will be entertained.

3. Hand over the Photo Identity Card to the Concerned Person

After the verification process is complete you’ll get a call from the D.R.M Office about the date and time for collecting your photo identity card. The disabled person can send a representative on her behalf to collect the identity card. In such a case, the representative must have an authority letter (a handwritten permission by the PwD and duly attested signature of the representative) in order to get the Photo Identity Card from the D.R.M Office.

4. De-validation of the Concession Certificate

While issuing the photo identity card with unique 11 digits identification number, the D.R.M office will endorse the information on the original concession certificate by pasting a stamp with all relevant details. Once the details are endorsed, your concession certificate becomes useless. Now you have to use only the photo identity card for all further transactions with the Railways.

Concession Allowed By Indian Railways for Persons with Disabilities

Now that you know the answer to your queries about getting a railway photo identity card for availing tickets on concessional rates, let us give you an overview of the concessions that you may get based on your certified disability.

Concession Allowed By Indian Railways for Persons with Disabilities
S.No.Type of DisabilityConcession Allowed
1Orthopedically Handicapped/Paraplegic persons who cannot travel without escort.
  • 75% concession in basic fairs of mail/express in Second, Sleeper, First, AC Chair Car and AC 3 tier
  • 50% in 1 AC and 2 AC
  • 25% in 3AC and AC Chair Car of Rajdhani/Shatabdi Trains
  • 50% in Monthly Season Ticket and Quarterly Season Ticket.

One Escort will be allowed the same concession.

2Mentally retarded persons who cannot travel without escort
  • 75% concession in basic fairs of mail/express in Second, Sleeper, First, AC Chair Car and AC 3 tier
  • 50% in 1 AC and 2 AC
  • 25% in 3AC and AC Chair Car of Rajdhani/Shatabdi Trains
  • 50% in Monthly Season Ticket and Quarterly Season Ticket.

One Escort will be allowed the same concession.

3Blind persons traveling alone or with an escort
  • 75% concession in basic fairs of mail/express in Second, Sleeper, First, AC Chair Car and AC 3 tier
  • 50% in 1 AC and 2 AC
  •  25% in 3AC and AC Chair Car of Rajdhani/Shatabdi Trains
  • 50% in Monthly Season Ticket and Quarterly Season Ticket.

One Escort will be allowed the same concession.

4Deaf & Dumb persons (both afflictions together in the same person) traveling alone or with an escort
  • 50% in Second, Sleeper and First Class.
  • 50% in Monthly Season Ticket and Quarterly Season Ticket.

One Escort will be allowed the same concession.

Practically using Your Railway Photo Identity Card

For booking concessional tickets online you’ll need to use your unique 11 digits ID number and you’ll have to carry the original photo identity card to be checked on-board and off-board the train. If you are booking the ticket at the ticket window then you may have to submit a photocopy of the identity card at the counter. In this case, too you’ll have to carry the original photo identity while traveling through railways.

Booking ticket for the escort/attendant

When a person with disability is to travel with an attendant then the attendant’s identity is also important. While booking tickets online you’ll get a list of 10 valid IDs for the attendant from which you have to choose the one which the attendant will carry while traveling with you.

This was all a PwD needs to know for getting and using the photo identity card issued by railways.

You may have some doubts such as – what will happen if you lost your identity card? What will you do after the expiration i.e. 5 years after the issuance of the photo identity card? In both the cases answer is same… you will have to get a new photo identity card. In case you lost your photo identity card, you’ll first need to file an F.I.R. and take a copy of the same. After this you’ll have to follow the same steps (as explained above) but this time your relevant documents will have a new partner – the photocopy of the F.I.R.

In case of expiration of the card you are expected to start your process of getting a new photo identity card three months prior to the expiration of the old card.

Should you have any further query or you find something missing in the article, please get in touch through the comment section. We will try our best to assist you. Stay tuned with WeCapable.

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  1. Avatar RAHUL NAIK says:

    Dear Friends,

    Very useful article.

    My son is having the below disability.
    Vision Impairment – 75%
    Hearing Impairment – 70%
    Physical Impairment – 25%

    The government percentage mentions 87% disability.

    Is my son eligible to get a Railway Concession card

    • Avatar shivkumar agrawal says:

      how to get this card

      • Avatar B. Dsouza says:

        1. First you have to get the UHID Card (Handicapped Card) from designated Government Hospital (Rajwadi Hospital, in Mumbai). This takes almost 6 months. (Maybe due to Covid problems).

        2. Then you have to get the Railway Concession form, issued by the SAME Government Hospital OR the Div. Railway Manager from the Railways of your Region.

        3. Check the very useful information given in the article above, where you can also download the Railway Concession Form. It also mentions the documents that are required.

        4. Presently the Railways are accepting the old Certificates, but this may not be for long.

        5. Though the Article above says, that online ticketing is possible for handicapped category, I am not sure they will give you choice of lower berth. Once, I did physical booking, and I was given higher berth and was told to request other passengers. I cancelled the booking.

        6. So, be aware of all these problems. Best is to make physical booking.

    • Avatar Dr. Jamaluddeen says:

      The bench mark disability for availing benefit is 40%.

      • Avatar RAMGONU NUKA RAJU says:

        Sir recently I received railway concession id card from railways. When I am trying to book on irctc name mismatch is showing sir. How to rectify sir and is it eligible in railway booking counter sir please help me sir

    • Avatar Abhay says:

      Yes any one having 40% or above disability is eligible for Railway photo ID card

  2. Avatar Kiran says:

    Thank you for such a nice and crisp information on the Photo ID card issued by Railways.

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    Thank you for such a nice and crisp information on the Photo ID card issued by Railways.Well documemented

  5. Avatar nitin deshpande says:

    But instead of concession certificate,UDID Card is consider for issuing Railway Photo Identity Card?

  6. Avatar nitin deshpande says:

    But as per railway norms/circulars they could not mentioned regarding UDID card valid instead of concession certificate for railway photo id

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  10. Avatar Vikas Gujjar says:

    Hi Concern, My name is Vikas. I got my photo identity card issued by railways in the month of Dec 2015 but it was valid upto 1 year only hence it got expire on Dec 2016, dont know why they issued it for 1 year. Meanwhile i tried to do reservation through it in online mode, i always got a error like card is not valid or yet to update, please contact to nearest DRM office. Now my question is do you guys have any idea about it. Should i have to initiate it as a fresh start or my already generated Card can help me out into this. Please suggest.

    • Avatar Jamal says:

      Card is issued for 5 years first time, if age of the candidate is less than 35 years. If Card is issued for one year, it means it was issued for temporary disability. If you want to get issued new ID Card, there is need to get issued disability card first then get new ID Card.

  11. Avatar RAJENDRA CHOUKSEY says:

    i Applied for railway id card for concession in april 2017 bot till date i do not receive any message from your side so please let me know card issuem My udid card no ..MP2792219600061798.

  12. Avatar Chandrashekhar Ande says:

    Thank you for such a nice and crisp information on the Photo ID card issued by the Railways. Well documented.

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      Kindly inform whether Photo ID concession card will be issued to permanently mentally challenged Divyang 37 years old for periods beyond 5 years.

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  15. Avatar Ravindra Gupta says:

    I live in Delhi NCR. I have completed all the formalities for my son’s disability concession certificate with Indian railways in 2017. I have received the receipt from railways office (delhi) and i was told that information will be shared online in 6 months time. Its been an year but we haven’t any information nor can we find out any website where information about collection of such certificate is mentioned. Do you know anything about concession certificate delivery part by any chance?

    Note: Most websites clearly talk about formalities on filling up the concession form (which is very important) however nobody seems to have clear knowledge on concession certificate delivery part.

    • Avatar pandey neeraj says:

      so formalities for your son’s disability concession certificate means what? did you submit all required documents to DRM Office? or go to and submit all required documents online.

  16. Avatar Kalashree Das says:

    we need the form to apply for id card. could you please help to get the form.

    Kalashree Das

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    It would be nice if the Application form Format to be sumitted to the Sr. DCM, would be made available with this page…

  20. Avatar Alok says:

    My son, who is Autistic and Mentally Retarded, has a Disability Certificate issued by J J Hospital, Mumbai.

    He is also covered by the Central Government Health Scheme and is under care of Government doctor of our Hospital.

    Please tell me, how I can get concession certificate? Railways? It means railways will issue first concession certificate and then Photo identity card?. How to get Concession certificate? Things are not as clear as you have described in your article. Please elaborate.

    • Avatar AP VISHWAKARMA says:

      First, you need to get disability certificate and railway concession certificate both from govt hospital. Then you follow above steps to get railway concession photo id card.

  21. Avatar r.m. yadav says:

    Kya personally jaa kar documents jama kareny hongay..ya phir registered /speed post se bhi documents bhej kar railway id card banawa sakte hai

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    Thank u very much sir.

  24. Avatar nitesh Kumar saxena says:

    respected sir,
    I had submitted an application alongwith two sets of all the photocopies of supporting document i.e. Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Highschool Marksheet, certificate of disability, UDID Card and 02 passport size photos for issuing a Railway disability photo ID card (Copy enclosed) through registered post No.RU218611272IN booked by Etah Head Post office on 22.09.2018, which was received in DRM office on 26.09.2018. As yet while a period of one month has been elapsed, either I have not received my Railway disability photo ID card or any other information in this regard.
    so sir plz give me your valuable sugessions. What i can do for getting my Photo id card
    with regard

  25. Avatar KAAMYA SAXENA says:


    • Avatar Ranjith says:

      you can find the DRM office email id and mail them. I had done that same and i got it immediately after sending mail to DRM.

  26. Avatar koteswararao says:

    Thank you for all the information. I applied twice to get the ID card for my wife who is visually challenged. I submitted all the documents required but no response at all. I thought it will help me to book concession rail ticket online. In the absence of it I am forced to go to the ticket counter for booking the rail ticket.

  27. Avatar Swarup Kumar Batabyal says:

    I have submitted the documents to get ID card. It is with DRM, Adra, West Bengal branch for last 5 months but no update on this yet. How to track the status of this? Is there any number or email that we can contact to?

  28. Avatar Naresh Kumar says:

    Sir I am from Jind Haryana I want to avail railway fare concession Certificate for my father. He is Orthopadic Hadicapped with 80%. Plaese tell me the porcedure.

  29. Avatar Husain Ahmed says:

    Dear Mr. Lalit,
    thanks for mention above mention details ,

    i have submitted all documents last 4 months ago till now i have not receive any notification from DRM office kindly advise / assist .

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  35. Avatar Dhanpal says:

    I have my Mom UDID card but now we require Railway concession card, please send me the from under which i can apply to railway department with UDID card for availing railway photoID card for ticket concession.

    Please send the from on my mail ID

  36. Avatar chandrashekhar v bhanage says:

    sir upto this time i have not received uid card and i have registered on 2018
    pl help me

  37. Avatar ARVIND RAJPOOT says:

    SIR GM
    sir kya kisi v DRM office mai , railway concession card ke liye apply kar sakte hai apl help

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  40. Avatar Pradeep Subramanian says:

    Thank you sir for giving the required information for obtaining Railway Photo Identity Card in a very clear manner. Your help is sincerely appreciated.

    • Avatar B Pandey says:

      Dear sir,
      Can a father go to the DRM office and submit the application? or the handicapped person also required to go there? Will application be given by father or by handicapped? Who will sign in application?

  41. Avatar Rachael Dsouza says:

    How long many days does it take to apply for obtaining the UDID. If not applied, can a person with a proper ticket travel in the handicap compartment with the doctor’s certificate

  42. Avatar Ramaiah says:

    physically handicapped persons with government job are eligible for railway concession

  43. Avatar SRIRAM says:

    My Name SRIRAM Visual impairment 40% UD ID No TN2350719940003231 apply for the railway concession card

  44. Avatar Kishore says:

    Sir, My daughter aged about 29 years, a Thalassaemia Major Patient, having Disability Certificate issued by District Govt.Hospital, Govt.of West Bengal, applied for getting Railway Photo I-Card along with all requisite documents,as mentioned by you, approached to DRM Office, Howrah, E.R. and Sr.DCM Office, Howrah, ER but regret to say that the sr.DCM Office did not entertained the application and immediately returned the same on the plea that there is no railway circular for issuing the above mentioned I-Card to Thalassaemia Patient. I will be grateful if you kindly advice the next steps for getting the same or where lodge grievance for the same.

  45. Avatar D R Patel says:

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  46. Avatar DIPESH DAS says:

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  48. Avatar K. Chandi says:

    My son has deaf problem of 72% disability,(Having certificate issued by how to apply for railway concession for travelling, from where we can get certificate please give details.

  49. Avatar Diwakar Shivram Desai says:

    Dear Lalit Sir,
    First of all thanks for your kind work for PwD. Regarding railway ID card, I think when the Govt of India has issuing UDID card for handicapped, then it shall be a single document sufficient for issuing Railway ID card. Railway department unnecessarily harassing Handicapped people by demand a long list of document. In this regard Handicapped association are lodged a case in court also.

  50. Avatar SUDHAKAR DHIR says:

    I am a visual handicapped person. I want know details government rules for physically handicapped person, pls Sir.

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    Sir myself has third cranial nerve palsy with acute diplopia and one eye very low vision with almost little to no proper depth perception. After an accident in 2017 my one eye is okay and another that is the right one doest work properly. i am also having problem to see down as no single focus. I see double refracted images for which i end up hurting myself many times. Am i eligible for this card.

  53. Avatar RAVINDRA JOSHI says:

    Dear Sir

    I have a Divyang Railway Card of my brother but while booking ticket online from IRCTC site the error is shown Card information not present.

    But while booking Tickets from Railway window the same is booked. Please give complete details to book ticket online.

    Thanks & regards

  54. Avatar NAGA VANAMALA says:

    We are residing in godavarikhani belongs to Ramaundam Railway Station. Where does I get PHC ID Card? Which Division Ramagundam belongs. My proper is at Vijayawada. But no residential proof. Shall I get at PHC ID card at Vijyawada ?

  55. Avatar Sunil Kumar Shaw says:

    Hello Dear ,
    Just 2 days before , I received my ID card and it is activated , but I am not able to book ticket and is throwing error “Unable to perform transaction due to essential validation Integrity checks failure” . Trust me I am giving all the details 100% correctly . My ID card number be 6 digit starting with 00 . Please help / suggest .

  56. Avatar G.V.REDDY says:

    we have already UDID ID card. let me know we want apply for railway ID card concession please document which

  57. Avatar Shri Ram says:

    Sir, I have been issued permanent disability certificate having 90 % mental Illness from CMO , Kanpur office and on basis of disability certificate concerned doctor has issued a separate Railway concession certificate ( railway prescribed proforma) for rail concession. On inquiry with railway clerk, stated that disability certificate and railway concession certificate both will be stamped while issuing Photo Identity Card which is contrary to guidelines as permanent disability certificate is for life long can not be stamped only Railway certificate to be stamped. Please advice sir.

  58. Avatar Deepak Atmaram Mahadgut says:

    I am cancer patient i.e. surgery of tongue carcinoma has been done on 20th December 2018 in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital at Andheri Mumbai. I am staying at Charkop, Kandivali West, Mumbai and working in State Government at Thane. Facing much rush by travelling between Western to Central Railway. So, please help for getting Certificate to travel in local trains as a Cancer patient. My Mobile No. 9969001787.

  59. Avatar Carol Fernandes says:

    My husband has the Handicap Certificate issued by J.J.Hospital a Govt. Hospital in Mumbai and a certificate form the dean too issued for the concession he is having 94 % disability in the lower limb… to renew the railway concession card issued by the DRM is it necessary to go to the govt hospital again or is it a lifetime certificate as railways concession card has to be renewed after every five years

  60. Avatar RAJ KISHORE says:

    Hello Everyone, I got my new Divyang railway concession card. Identity card number has mentioned 12 digits (upper 6 digits and lower 6 digits). The same I am putting while new booking its giving repeated errors. How to check whether the given number is correct or not ?

  61. Avatar Ramakrishna says:

    Hello Sir,

    I applied 18 months back the card was at issued and it was there at Rajahmundry Railway station, they will call and handover when I asked. It’s already 18 months completed what should I do now?

  62. Avatar Mayur Mehta says:

    I have received the Disability Certificate for Chronic Neurological Condition with 51%, can I apply for Concession certificate for Railways?

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    Please help me Sir.

  64. Avatar B chandra Sekhar says:

    Here mentioned that for renewal of Concession Certificate should submit prior to 3 months . If i submit the same after expiration what will be the consequences.

  65. Avatar Udaysri's says:

    Give alphabet code before number for example EOVSKP 123456 it helps you

  66. Avatar ankita lalwani says:

    1 my mother is 58 years old and she is not easly walkable she has railway concessional certificate but not havng handicapped identity card which documents i should carry to the time of visit in DRM office and is it compulsory to take her to office????????
    2 which documents she can carry as age proof

  67. Avatar Mihir says:

    I am a cancer patient. I have to travel by Local train as i am working. Please advise where i can get the forms which has to be signed by my oncologist. I need to apply for card

  68. Avatar Vishal Jain says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My brother concessional certificate will expire in June 2021. How can I renew the certificate or do we need to enroll it again for new certificate. What is the procedure? Please guide us.

  69. Avatar md naushad aslam says:

    Sir my name is mohammad naushad aslam i live in muzaffarpur in bihar
    i have not a railway concession card plese help me

  70. Avatar subham Pradeep says:

    Hi, I want to know the DRM office for Gopalganj, Bihar-841428

  71. Avatar santhosh says:

    my concession card has been expired, then what will be the procedure to renewal now?
    should i wanted to start from the first?
    or can i renewal from past details.
    dew to COVID-19 i cannot able to go there.

  72. Avatar Shashank yadav says:

    My railway concession certificate has expired. What do I have to do to renew the certificate? Please help me.

  73. Avatar Vishal Jain says:

    Hi My brother is mentally retarted and his railway concession card will be expire in June 2021, how can I apply online for renewal.

    Please help and share any link.

  74. Avatar KEVAL KRISHNA Sharma says:

    No. Only the 4 categories of disabilities mentioned by the railways are eligible .

  75. Avatar Santosh Choudhary says:

    My Name is Santosh Ku from Delhi my card has expired on 15-may-2021 in the mid of lockdown
    kya government ne date extained ki hai kyunki offices are closed

  76. Avatar B.Ramamurthy says:

    • Lalit Kumar Lalit Kumar says:

      We have already replied that this website does not belong to the DRM office. We do not issue UDID Card or Railway Pass. Please contact the relevant DRM office.

  77. Avatar RAHUL DEV says:

    What is the validity of the concession certificate?

  78. Avatar Sivaram S E says:

    I am a orthopeadically handicapped person, percentage is 65%. I am in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I have National Identity Card. How can I get railway concession pass to travel from state to state and in sub urban train? Please help me, Sir.

  79. Avatar Neeraj Pandey says:

    Sir fyi – I went to drm office new delhi to apply for rail id card I didn’t have concession certificate but I had udid and disability certificate but they didn’t accept it and said to me to produce concession certificate only .

    • Lalit Kumar Lalit Kumar says:

      Unfortunately it is true. Railways want it’s own concession certificate. In India, it very difficult to prove disability. Every authority wants tailor-made proof.

  80. Avatar Neeraj Pandey says:

    For all my divyangjan bro, if you can’t go to drm office please apply for certificate online on .
    Hope it’s useful to all of you

  81. Avatar Rahul says:

    Thanks for sharing valuable knowledge .
    One is my consern if I made all ceritificat like UDID and concession certificate also from other state and currently I am leaving another state because of Job . Should I approach to nearest DRM office where I am currently leaving

  82. Avatar anit says:

    What is the use of this UDID card when nobody accepting this?
    Why to make this UDID card?

  83. Avatar Shyamala P says:

    Sir I need a information
    How to renew railway identity card for orthopedically handicapped through online

    • Avatar Kranti Taneja says:

      Please visit and apply online. It would be better if you apply one or two months before your certificate expires.

  84. Avatar Kranti Taneja says:

    Thank you very much for giving information through this article.
    Had I read this earlier, I would have applied for renewal of my concession certificate two months in advance.
    I would like to say to all the differently-abled that if your certificate is about to expire, then apply for it to be renewed at least two months in advance because this process of railways takes one and a half to two months.

  85. Avatar Devaraj says:

    Now a days government is issuing UDID card for handicap people. That card can be downloaded online and can be verified online. That card is sufficient for all the practical purposes. No need of further certificate from a doctor again. Indian railways need to wake up and put an end to all these ridiculous procedures

  86. Avatar VIPIN KUMAR says:

    My railway concessional certificate was issued from BHOPAL DRM office. I have been transferred to Haridwar. My UDID card on Bhopal address and my certificate is about to expire in 3 months. Address on my Aadhar Card changed to Haridwar. Kindly suggest from where I can renew my concessional certificate.

  87. Avatar Amiya says:

    Visited Sambalpur DRM Office on 11th APR 2022[MONDAY] , They don’t know what is UDID card and dont want to know even what it is. They just need the concession certificate . Not sure whom to escalate this, they think UDID is just something I printed by myself and brought to them.

    Now I am suspecting the whole idea of UDID, It is nowhere useful.

  88. Avatar Manjeet Kumar says:

    My son is 6 years old with intelectual disability. Can he obtain railway photo id card for travelling in train.

  89. Avatar Purohit says:

    When the disabled person has a valid UDID card issued by the Govt.of India, why the railways are asking once again to get the photo id done? I do not understand. Why the UDID card is not acceptable by the railways. The railways need to answers this.

  90. Avatar Pethu Krishnan says:

    Thank you so much for the detailed explanation of the process.
    Is there a way to get the application form downloaded from any online portal? For submitting to DRM office.

  91. Avatar Singarapu Ravi Kiran says:

    Sir my work location (Different State) is far from my home town. Can I submit the documents near DRM Office? or do I need to submit in home town DRM Office? Please explain

  92. Avatar Nithin says:

    Whenever i am trying to book train ticket through mobile app, it is showing invalid passenger age even if i am entering correct age.. Kindly help me to sort out this issue

  93. Avatar Sri says:

    i am unable upload the documents for obtaining,online divyangyan concession raiilway card to my daughter, To whom to consult for filling up of the application in railway division vijayawada

  94. Avatar Praveen says:

    HI All, This procedure is all changed now. Now it’s made simple.
    1) Get Disability Certificate from your Regional Government Hospital or You can have UDID too. Generally will take 2 months at max
    2) Register as new user in . Download the Concession Certificate form.
    3) Get the Concession certificate attested by the Local Government Doctor.
    4) Upload all the soft copies in the website.
    5) As per my Discussion in D.R.M office, it will take 1 month for Verification and Issue of Railway ID Card.

  95. Avatar Swarup says:

    Hi there, My railway concession certificate is from ADRA, West Bengal division. My certificate is getting expired in Dec 2023. I am trying to renew it online but not getting option for ADRA division. Can you please help?

  96. Avatar Rupali madhukar sonawane says:

    Sir I have a railway concession certificate with me which I get from Malegaon govt hospital but now I don’t know where to apply for getting railway I’d card (bhusaval/ nashik) i also want the format of the form to give Drm office

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